Art Mentorship


Are you an artist who is stuck? Do you need help identifying roadblocks? Do you need practical strategies to reach your career goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, art mentorship might be for you.

So what exactly is art mentoring?

It’s like having your own coach, business advisor and cheerleader.

We will meet in person, by video chat or phone once a week for 45 minutes-1 hour. During our time together we will focus on you, your business and your goals. You will the leave the session with homework and you’ll have access to me throughout the week through text and email if you get stuck. I’ll help you identify your goals and set small, achievable action steps to work towards them each week.

This isn’t just for visual artists. You could be a dancer, writer, chef, photographer, podcaster or any other creative entrepreneur.

I’ve been teaching art in the Wichita Falls community since 2003. In 2014 I received my Masters Degree in counseling psychology. Combing creativity and goal achievement is my absolute favorite thing.

Reach out for a free consultation call if art mentoring would be helpful to you.

Sessions are $40 each and are payable at the time of the session.