Artist Bio

Since 2002 Ginger Boller has been teaching art in the Wichita Falls, Texas community to people of all ages.  Whether working with foster kids, or senior adults with dementia, or creating free community art experiences, her past experience as a counselor is a tool that she uses to help people get what they need from the art experience and learn new ways to express themselves.  Seeing art become therapeutic is a driving force in her work.  


When she is not teaching art, Ginger paints in her studio at 920 9th Street in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Her paintings often reflect what is going on in her life.  Her current body of work zooms in on beloved storybook characters and reimagines their homes on a tiny scale.  Each watercolor painting is smaller than a dollar bill. The small scale and attention to detail reflect her mission to downsize.  Ginger is currently selling off her possessions so that she can head out on the road and have new adventures without anything to tie her down.  


She is available to work with individuals, organizations, and businesses to improve creativity, communication, and collaboration through hands on art experiences tailored to meet specific needs.


She truly believes that art works!